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We are the Tau team — creators of RhoMobile framework, reunited to provide quality mobile solutions for business and developers. As Zebra’s technology partner we are committed to improving and providing future releases for RhoMobile Suite. We provide wide area of services including RhoMobile platform support, development and consulting. Also we are pleased to announce that Adam Blum who is the Rhomobile founder is on the Tau's board.


RhoMobile Suite is an open-source solution for creating data-centric, cross-platform, native mobile consumer and enterprise applications. Tau as technology partner of Zebra Technologies now supports and develops RhoMobile Suite. See details in RhoMobile open source FAQ from Zebra: FAQ.

RhoMobile Suite


Cross-platform framework that supports all mobile platforms.


Enterprise data synchronization solution.


All-features-enabled solution for creation of lightweight enterprise applications.

Tau Extensions

Additional set of platform extensions provided by Tau.


Eclipse-based IDE for Rhomobile apps development.

Key features

Open source

open source
RhoMobile Suite is open source so feel free to create the perfect solution that fits the best.

Cross platform

cross platform
RhoMobile Suite supports all modern mobile devices based on iOS, Android and Windows Phone.


Use a fully dynamic open source programming language with a focus on simplicity and productivity.


Allows developers to build mobile apps using cutting-edge web technologies.

Windows embedded

windows embedded
Build your systems with Microsoft Windows Embedded to maximize profit, efficiency and customer satisfaction.


We also support Microsoft Windows and MacOS X desktop platforms.

What we do

As The Primary Maintainer of Rhomobile Suite we provide support, feature development and consulting services for the platform. We will extend RhoMobile by requirements of your business, support enterprise devices and operating systems which you require.

Our everyday job


Creating cross-platform framework for mobile application development cover all aspects of your business.


Providing different support plans for RhoMobile Suite and we are ready to answer any questions you encounter using it.


Help you to create your own solutions based on RhoMobile.

Feel free to contact us!

If you require custom features for RhoMobile, specific device support or other services please contact us directly and we will gladly satisfy yor needs. You may get a special offering from us depending on complexity and scale of your tasks.

Meet the team

Our core development team consists of high-skilled professionals with years of mobile experience.


Our partners


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Konstantin Rybas speech at OSS сonference in Kaluga

Konstantin Rybas speech at OSS сonference in Kaluga. TAU Platform Project. Crossplatform mobile development.

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Tau took part in October events

In October, our company participated in the twelfth conference of free software developers, organized by ALT Linux. Konstantin Rybas presented solution for cross-platform mobile development Tau Platform. At the meeting in St. Petersburg conference IT NONSTOP Epifanov Alexander made ​​a presentation on the specifics of the development of mobile applications in the corporate sector (record […]

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