Migrating Legacy Enterprise Mobile Applications
Konstantin Rybas
September 20, 2017

Windows CE/Mobile, the most widely deployed Operating Systems for enterprise specific devices, are off Microsoft mainstream support and are reaching their end of services.

Considering that for these enterprise clients, viable options are migration to more modern Operating Systems like Android, IOS and Windows 10.

RhoMobile platform 6.0 fits all the requirements for that kind of migration. Apps written using RhoMobile 6.0 will run on Android, IOS, Windows 10(UWP) along with the older Windows CE and Windows Mobile Operating Systems.

RhoMobile 6.0 supports most industrial mobile computers.

Major scenarios for migration from legacy CE app to a modern platform – Android or other:

– Mixed device park in large enterprise – both legacy CE and new devices run simultaneously. A cross-platform solution which supports CE is a must have for this case.

– One-time migration – you only need to migrate to newer devices and drop support of legacy units. Choice of modern cross-platform solutions is available.

Each scenario requires upgrade of the codebase. The app can’t be just “converted”. You can upgrade your app’s code with internal dev unit or request for third-party service. Tau Technologies has successful experience of app migration for several customers.

Another option is to use some kind of industrial browser ( like RhoBrowser ) to create lightweight web-apps that still have all advantages of hardware capabilities of enterprise devices.

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